Ethylene Oxide Detection

Ethylene Oxide poses a serious risk to worker safety. It is an extremely toxic breathing hazard and potentially highly explosive. Ethylene Oxide plants have many processing areas such as cracking furnaces, compression areas, cold box, acid gas removal areas, and distillation and separation facilities. All of these areas should be monitored appropriately and continuously for worker safety. Due to the many layers of risk surrounding Ethylene Oxide, it is imperative to have appropriate gas detection selection in order to keep employees safe.

EtO Detector Product Options

SenSmart 7000 Series SenSmart 6000 Series SenSmart 5000 Series Other Series
7100 6100 5100 4100
7300 6300 5300 1100
6500 5500 1300

7000 Series Details

  • 2.4GHZ/900MHZ wireless with integral battery
  • Local calibration and real time event log
  • 15’ remote sensor option (backlight available on local powered version)

6000 Series Details

  • QVGA LCD with stunning color graphics
  • Ethernet: Modbus TCP with web server
  • RS-485 remote sensor option up to 4000’
  • Dual Port Modbus RTU/relays option 

5000 Series Details

  • Two RS-485 Ports for Modbus 3 Programmable Relays and Fault Relay Available
  • Remote SmartCal feature allows user to initiate calibrations from connected
  • RCS controller via Modbus connection

SenSmart 4100 Details

  • 2-Wire 4-20mA (sink) with local LCD graphic display
  • Local calibration and real time event log

SenSmart 1100/ 1300 Details

  • Low Cost, 4-20 mA/3-Wire Bridge Output

Ethylene Oxide Sensors to Keep Your Workers Safe

R.C. Systems offers a line of Ethylene Oxide gas detectors and Open Path detection to keep workers safe and worry free during their time on the job. Paired with either our ViewSmart 6400 or 1600+ and enabling the datalogger feature, you can view, store and save data, inputs, and logged events on RC Systems ViewSmart 1600+ and 6400 controllers. The provided two gigabyte SD card allows the recording of input values, and events for more than a year!

You can also conveniently upload/download system configurations via the SD Card. With a logging rate of every one minute of Min, Max and Average, you have the ability to collect and plot data over time for trend and data analysis. With this top of the line feature, and user friendly setup and configuration, our products are ideal for large or small Ethylene Oxide applications and facilities. 

Monitoring Gas During Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

The Ethylene Oxide sterilization process is used to sterilize more than 50% of worldwide medical devices. EtO is the primary gas used for sterilizing medical devices that can't undergo sterilization with steam. EtO sterilization has become even more important over the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the use of medical swabs for continued COVID-19 testing.

The rush for more available testing around the world means a rush for swab production and sterilization. In order to meet the demanding needs lab workers and warehouse workers were producing and delivering these swabs around the clock. As this work is imperative to our nation, It is also imperative that proper gas detection is in place at these various meidcal facilities in order to protect the workers from exposure to toxic levels of Ethylene Oxide. 

Our line of SenSmart detectors will keep your workers safe on the job throughout the EtO sterilization process. 

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