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About RC Systems

Located in Hitchcock, TX, RC Systems Inc. has manufactured Gas Detectors and Critical Alarm controllers since 1979.
You can find our products in many different application areas. Our products are well known, where maintenance and safety are crucial, for their reliabilityperformance and ease-of-use. Applications include fixed and temporary ambient gas detection as well as numerous other multi-signal monitoring applications using both wired and wireless communications.
At RC Systems Inc., we pride ourselves on our products and our customer service. We have 24/7 technical service support from our local gas detection and critical alarm control experts. We provide factory direct deliveries, with unmatched delivery times across the industry.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about RC Systems Inc. When you have gas detection and critical alarm control requirements, consider RC Systems, not only for our prices, customer service, technical support, fast quoting and deliveries; but for our high quality products and custom solution capabilities. If you would like more information on RC Systems, please contact us.