Gases We Detect

RC Systems offers high performance gas detectors for the monitoring of a variety of gases. From combustible gas detector options to photoionization detector models, we have the high performance gas sensor you need.

Review our options for various hazardous gases below. Find a representative near you to order the gas detector your application requires, or contact RC Systems to learn more.

Toxic Gas and Oxygen Detectors, Sensors and Calibration Gases

Our oxygen and toxic gas detectors utilize electromechanical sensors. These gas sensors are capable of detecting hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and numerous other toxic gases.

Combustible Gas Detectors, Sensors and Calibration Gases

RC Systems’ combustible gas detectors use catalytic bead (catbead) sensors and infrared sensors. These gas detection systems offer reliable detection of a wide variety of combustible gases including methane, propane, acetylene and many more.

Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors, Sensors and Calibration Gases

Our infrared CO2 gas detectors use specialized light filters to eliminate other wavelengths and ensure superior performance. These IR gas sensors provide reliable carbon dioxide detection in nearly any application.

Benzene (Photoionization) Gas Detectors, Sensors and Calibration Gases

Photoionization detector (or PID detector) technology can detect a variety of organic compounds; our photoionization detector models are commonly used to detect benzene gas and vapor, and can be used alongside other detectors to confirm results. 

Other Detectors, Sensors and Calibration Gases

RC Systems offers gas detection systems for a broad spectrum of hazardous gases. If you can’t you’re your gas listed, contact us for assistance in finding the right gas sensors for your unique application.