Alarm Controllers

R.C. Systems Inc. Critical Alarm Controllers are widely used by OEMs throughout the gas detection industry and are recognized as premium state-of-the-art menu driven controllers. The WaveLink Receiver, when equipped with the RS-485 or wireless FHSS modbus slave port, may easily be interfaced to ST-71, ST-72 and ViewSmart 400 Critical Alarm Controllers.
The new WaveLink Receiver is designed specifically for our new WaveNet System, and can monitor up to 32 WaveCast Monitors simultaneously, providing alarm indications for all 32 channels over a wireless interface.
Our ViewSmart 400, ViewSmart 200, ViewSmart 2150, ViewSmart 2050, ST-71 and ST-72 Alarm Controllers are used in critical alarm monitoring applications including gas detection, vibration, tank levels and many more. Most Controllers are suitable for outdoor and Division 2 hazardous area installations. They’re quick-to-learn with intuitive menus and unlike PLC’s, do not require ladder logic programming to make changes.  Browse through our controller selection and find the right product for your application today.

  • Single-point monitoring and local alarm indication
  • Bright and colorful backlit LED display
  • Increased signal stability
  • Heated elements available for low temperatures
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  • Custom-made
  • Available for single and dual channel
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  • Simultaneous display and alarm functions
  • Large, easy-to-read LED display
  • User-friendly and easy setup
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  • Simultaneous display and alarm functions
  • 2 large easy-to-read LED displays
  • Easy to configure and user friendly
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  • Display and alarm functions for 2 monitored variables
  • East to set up and user-friendly design
  • Can be equipped with 2 locally mounted SenSmart 1000 series detectors
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  • Simultaneous display and alarm status for 4 monitored variables
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Acts as a "site controller" when paired with wireless option
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  • Display up to 16 different monitored variables
  • Modbus Master/Slave RS-485 ports and 4 five amp alarm relays
  • Options include wireless Modbus, discrete alarm relays, and analog outputs
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  • 16 channels of Input
  • Embedded webpage
  • Fully programmable relays
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  • 32 channel controller with alarm capabilities
  • Can utilize numerous WaveLinks on the same wireless network
  • Optional PCB available for data logging or WiFi access point
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  • Display and alarm functions for up to 64 variables
  • Ideal for centralizing display and alarm functions in critical multipoint monitoring applications
  • Wireless Modbus interface available
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  • Features wired and wireless technology
  • Can be used for perimeter monitoring
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