Alarm Controllers

R.C. Systems Inc.’s critical alarm controllers are widely used throughout the gas industry. Our products are recognized as premium state-of-the-art menu-driven controllers. Designed for early detection of many hazardous gases, our alarm controllers provide continuous monitoring and power for systems that will monitor for dangerous detection levels that could threaten you, your employees, and your business.

Whatever your application or industry, we have the gas detection systems and alarm controllers to meet your precise requirements, and each of our alarm controller models have custom configurations available.

Product Options:


Gas Detection Alarm Controllers & More

We offer many alarm controllers for critical alarm monitoring applications such as gas detection, vibration, tank levels, and more. Most controllers are suitable for outdoor and Division 2 hazardous area installations. They are quick-to-learn with intuitive menus, and do not require ladder logic programming to make changes, unlike PLC’s. Options Include:

Alarm Controller Channel Options

 Our critical alarm controllers are highly configurable and the channels can range anywhere from one to sixty-four channels, depending on your project’s requirements.

Single and Dual Channel Gas Alarm Controllers:

Multi-Channel Gas Alarm Controllers:

In addition to our alarm controllers, we also offer our rig protector site controllers which are ideal for monitoring perimeters, mobile work sites including HAZMAT facilities, rigs, disaster responses, and many more.

LED Alarm Controller Options

Alarm controllers are available with both standard and LED display options. LED displays are easy to read, easy to configure, and user-friendly alternatives to a classic alarm controller display. At R.C. Systems, we offer two options for alarm controllers with LED: No matter your application, R.C. Systems has representatives located both nationally and internationally to find you the right gas detectors and wireless gas monitoring systems. We provide 24/7 support from local experts to provide you with fast answers for all your gas detection and gas alarm controller needs.

To discuss your critical alarm and gas alarm controller needs, contact us today to speak to one of our experts or visit our FAQ page to find your best solution.