Wireless Monitoring

Wireless gas detectors and wireless gas monitors are designed for continuous monitoring of toxic and combustible gases in the air. Due to their wireless nature, there is no complex system configuration that is needed. Once you assign a unique address to the wireless gas monitor or wireless gas detector your job is complete. The wireless gas detection system will collect all the necessary data information from the sensor including the target gas type. There is onboard historical data logging available as well as RTU communication for PLC and DCS systems. Additionally, our wireless gas monitors can easily connect to remote relay modules for audio and visual alarms or Emergency Shut Downs (ESD).

Wireless Gas Monitoring Product Options 


Benefits of Wireless Gas Detection

There are a wide range of benefits that WaveNet wireless gas monitoring devices provide, such as:

  • Reduced Installation cost - no more expensive cables and underground cable conduits.
  • No troubleshooting on the cables
  • No damage to the main controller in the event of lightning and storms
  • Easily add more sensors in the existing wireless network
  • No complicated system configurations

Customization Options & Custom Part Builder

To create a fully customized experience, RC Systems allows you to create your own wireless gas monitoring and detection system through our integrated product pages. Simply click on the device that you wish to purchase and the custom options that are available for that product will automatically populate. This provides you the ability to create a fully customized wireless gas monitoring device that is ideal for your specific needs.

Wireless Gas Monitoring Products

Our WaveNet wireless gas detection product line offers SenSmart 7000 wireless gas monitors, WaveLink Receivers in a variety of enclosure styles, WaveNet Relayers (WNR) for activating alarm events, and alarm bars for annunciating alarms.

Wireless Gas Controllers

RC Systems WaveNet wireless gas controllers, including the ViewSmart 400,1600, 6400, and rig protector, communicate wirelessly with Modbus equipped devices simply by adding our NRTL certified RS-485 radios options. RS-485 Modbus is converted to wireless Modbus using our popular FHSS 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz client/server networks. It is also possible to interface our RC Systems controllers to our own SenSmart 7000 monitors or another 3rd party's Modbus compatible equipment by simply connecting our RS-485 radio modems to the 3rd party Modbus device. Applications for our WaveNet wireless gas controllers include:

  • Offshore platforms
  • Drilling rigs
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Chemical storage
  • Refineries
  • LPG storage

Wireless Gas Detectors

Our WaveNet wireless gas detectors monitor toxic gases in ambient air. The interface and the radio transceiver are housed in a flameproof instrument enclosure. The detectors monitor a variety of toxic gases in the parts per million (ppm) range, including ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen deficiency, and sulfur dioxide.

In addition, each WaveNet FHSS network used for our wireless gas detection devices may have as many as 32 battery-powered SenSmart 7000 monitors, any number of WaveNet Relayers (WNRs) but requires at least one 32 channel WaveLink Receiver (WLR). Our WaveNet wireless gas detectors also feature built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, which allows responders to view real-time and historical data on smartphones and tablet devices prior to entering a hazardous area. Applications for our wireless gas detectors include:

  • Tank forms
  • Refineries
  • Chemical storage
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Drilling rigs
  • Offshore platforms

WaveNet Relayer

Our WaveNet Relayer (WNR) is designed to control alarm event relay switching for up to 32 WaveCast Monitors (WCMs). The WNR receives fail, alarm 1, alarm 2, and alarm 3 signals from each WCM, maps them to its four programmable relays while adding features such as failsafe, alarm acknowledge, and refresh. Four standard 5-amp alarm relays may be programmed to activate based upon various alarm combinations. These four programmable relays may then be mapped to a single dedicated horn drive which may be set to off, pulse or steady for each of the relays. RC Systems WaveNet Relayer capabilities include:

  • Order WNR-90 or WNR-24 for appropriate 900MHZ or 2.4GHZ WaveNet monitoring systems
  • Suitable for Division 2 hazardous areas
  • Available options include Single or Dual, Division 2 rated local strobe lights
  • Quick connector option allows easy connection to alarm bars for both ordinary and hazardous locations

WaveBridge Modem

The RC Systems WaveBridge modem converts RS-485 data to 900MHz or 2.4 GHz FHSS client/server wireless networks. Hop and destination address settings allow many different networks within the same installation. WaveBridge modems are useful if the RS-485 device is a long distance from a desirable antenna location. Other significant features include:

  • Supports both 900MHz and 2.4GHz FHSS client/server wireless networks
  • 900MHz transmit power is adjustable between 10mW and 1W (0-30dBm) and 2.4GHz power is fixed at 125mW (21dBm)
  • Standard rubber antennas are 2dBi dipole for 900MHz and 7dBi collinear for 2.4GHz
  • 10-30VDC power input is ideal for solar-powered systems
  • Wireless network parameters configured via a non-intrusive magnetic operator interface
  • WaveBridge wireless serial modem model connects RS-485 ports, making them wireless

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