WaveBridge Modem/Repeater

  • WaveBridge Modem/Repeater with two antennas

    WaveBridge Modem/Repeater with two antennas

  • WaveBridge Modem
    WaveBridge Modem
The RC Systems WaveBridge converts RS-485 data to 900MHz or 2.4 GHz FHSS Client/Server wireless networks. Hop and Destination address settings allow many different networks within the same installation. WaveBridge modems are useful if the RS-485 device is a long distance from a desirable antenna location. For example, RC Systems’ ST-35, ST-71, ST-72, and ST-90 Controller products are available with wireless interfaces but these require the controller be close to the antenna due to losses in long coax cables. The WaveBridge also repeats RF signals for long distances.
  • Supports both 900MHz  and 2.4GHz FHSS Client/Server wireless networks.
  • 900MHz transmit power is adjustable between 10mW and 1W (0-30dBm) and 2.4GHz power is fixed at 125mW (21dBm).
  • Standard rubber antennas are 2dBi dipole for 900MHz and 7dBi collinear for 2.4GHz.
  • 10-30VDC power input is ideal for solar-powered systems.
  • Wireless network parameters configured via a non-intrusive magnetic operator interface.
  • WaveBridge wireless serial modem model connects RS-485 ports, making them wireless.
  • WaveBridge wireless repeater model has two radios and two antennas operating on separate FHSS networks. Data is repeated onto a different FHSS network to avoid data collisions in Modbus or other bi-directional protocols.
  • Magnetic keypad for non-intrusive operation in potentially hazardous locations.
  • Configurable as the wireless network’s “Client” or “Server.”
  • Division 1 areas require optional “Explosion- Proof” antennas