• Provides a simple and cost-effective multi-point fixed monitoring solution
  • Small area gas detection
  • Ideal for integral gas detection for up to 4 gas types
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  • Ensure workplace safety with fixed ammonia detection
  • SenSmart detectors and sensors are versatile to fit almost any application
  • Reliable sensors at comfortable price points
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  • Large-scale refrigeration systems require ammonia detection for optimal safety
  • Common applications include food and beverage processing, HVAC systems, or sports arenas
  • Detect ammonia early
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  • Food and beverage applications can produce toxic gases
  • Monitor leaks of gases like ammonia or carbon dioxide
  • Added protection and safety for workers

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  • Protect personnel and equipment at wastewater treatment facilities
  • Cost-effective ZoneProtector meets NFPA 820 requirements
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  • Monitor gases in enclosed structures at a wastewater treatment facility
  • Choose from a variety of sensors for different types of gases
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  • Gas detection in pressure, cryogenic, and atmospheric tanks
  • Various types of gases may be present
  • Leaks and loss of product may occur 
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  • HCL is common because of adsorption and is difficult to detect
  • Learn tips on detecting HDL with an HF sensor
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  • Proper placement of gas detectors varies depending on the type of application
  • Installing correctly is crucial for leak detection, area monitoring, and personnel protection
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