Gas Leak Detection Application

Gas detection is critical in facilities across all applications, ranging from food and beverage to chemical production and wastewater treatment. Gas detection systems provide continuous monitoring of toxic and combustible gases for compliance with industry and workplace safety standards.



Protect Your Facility and Workers with Reliable Gas Detection Systems

RC Systems develops reliable gas detectors and sensors at comfortable price points. Our gas detectors and controllers have a reputation for reliability, performance, and ease of use. We also offer 24/7 technical support to help you install, calibrate, and troubleshoot your gas detection system.

Our gas detection systems are designed for versatility and are configurable in order to accommodate a wide range of monitoring applications. Our alarm controllers are easy to program with intuitive menus for quick set-up. A rugged design makes most of our gas detectors and alarm controllers compatible with outdoor applications and extreme operating conditions.

Learn more about different gas detection applications below, or contact us to discuss gas detection options for your facility.

NFPA 820 Compliant Multi-Point Gas Detection

Our Multi-point fixed gas detection system provides a simple and cost-effective solution for small areas. These gas detectors meet NFPA standards and are ideal for integral gas detection for up to 4 gas types.

Ammonia Gas Detection Systems

Ensure workplace safety with fixed ammonia detection. Our SenSmart gas detectors and sensors provide continuous monitoring and are versatile to fit almost any application.

Gas Detection for Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Large-scale refrigeration systems found in food and beverage processing, HVAC systems, or sports arenas? require ammonia detection for optimal safety. Use our gas detection systems throughout your production areas and wherever you store gas cylinders or cleaning chemicals.

Gas Detection in the Food and Beverage Industry

Food and beverage applications can produce a variety of toxic gases like ammonia or carbon dioxide. Gas detection systems help you create a safer work environment by monitoring toxic gas levels and  and alerting you with an alarm when they become too high.

Gas Detection in Wastewater Treatment and Collection Facilities

Protect personnel and equipment from potential hazards caused by combustible gases like methane, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen.  Our cost-effective ZoneProtector gas leak detection system meets NFPA 820 requirements for protection against fire and explosion hazards in wastewater treatment plants.

Gas Detection in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment facilities produce high levels of combustible gases like methane and hydrogen sulfide. Gas detectors and alarm controllers from RC Systems uses smart sensor? technology to monitor these and other gases in enclosed structures throughout your facility.

Gas Detection for Liquefied Gases in Tank Farms

Various types of gases are present in chemical plants. The storage tanks used at these facilities can leak, causing product loss and creating hazardous conditions.  Learn more about gas leak detection in facilities using pressure, cryogenic, and atmospheric tanks.

Detecting HCL with HF Gas Sensors

HCL gas is difficult to detect because it sticks to pressure regulators, flow meters, and surfaces (adsorption) easily. Read our tips on proper calibration of HCL gas detection sensors.

Proper Location and Installation for Gas Detectors

The location and number of gas detectors required for your facility depend on your application and several other factors. Proper installation is crucial for leak detection, area monitoring, and personnel protection. Learn more about the different gas detection systems and which factors to consider before installation.

Our team is here to help you determine the best gas detection system for your application. Send us a message or find a representative near you to get started.