Hydrogen Sulfide Detectors

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Detectors

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a colorless toxic gas with an odor like rotten eggs. This gas naturally occurs during the chemical breakdown of organic compounds in the absence of Oxygen. H2S is highly toxic and can cause adverse effects on the human body as low as 2ppm and can be fatal at levels as low as 100ppm with prolonged exposure.

H2S sensors detect dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide gas to ensure a safe working environment. Typical areas where gas sensing, detection, and monitoring are critical include: Select a category to start configuring your hydrogen sulfide gas sensor or view our Toxic and Oxygen Gas Brochure for a quick overview of each gas detector's features.

Configurable Sensors for Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detection

RC Systems is a global leader of combustible and toxic gas detection technology. Our configurable hydrogen sulfide detectors offer continuous monitoring and feature electrochemical sensor technology for reliable gas detection. The robust design provides long-lasting operation and resistance to a range of operating temperatures and revisions.

Features of our single point and dual sensor hydrogen sulfide gas detectors include:
  • Electrochemical, PID, Catalytic bead and/or Infrared Sensors
  • Compatibility with single or multi-gas monitoring applications
  • Choice of QVGA LCD with color graphics, Color backlit LCD Display, local backlit LCD, no display
  • Programmable relays available
  • Password protection available

Safety Starts with Effective Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Monitoring

Hazardous gas detectors are a critical tool in maintaining a safe workplace. The continuous monitoring provided by hydrogen sulfide detectors helps you minimize the risk of exposure by providing alerts as soon as levels fall outside of acceptable limits.

Configure Your Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector Online!

RC Systems provides configurable gas monitoring solutions for hydrogen sulfide and other toxic and oxygen gases. Configure your gas detector online to request a quote or contact us for assistance.