Wireless Gas Detectors

Our WaveNet Wireless Gas Detection Product Line offers SenSmart 7000 Single/Dual Sensor MonitorsWaveLink Receivers in a variety of enclosure styles, WaveNet Relayers for activating alarm events and Alarm Bars for annunciating alarms.
The WaveNet Wireless Monitoring System family has 3 wireless products plus the SST diagnostics tool for site surveys and trouble shooting.  Each WaveNet FHSS network may have as many as 32 battery-powered SenSmart 7000 Monitors, any number of  WaveNet Relayers (WNRs) but requires at least one 32 channel WaveLink Receiver (WLR). A single WLR Multifunction Option board adds data logging, a second wired / wireless Modbus port, Ethernet port for Modbus TCP plus a Wi-Fi access point with web-server. The Wi-Fi feature is especially exciting since it allows remote HMI functionality via any web enabled device. This means our WaveLink Receiver allows responders to view real time and historical data on smart phones and tablet devices prior to entering a hazardous area.