Methane Gas Detectors and Sensors

Methane (CH4) is odorless and colorless and becomes flammable and combustible when mixed with oxygen or other gases. This gas forms naturally as organic matter decays and is a component of natural gas. Because of this, the presence of methane poses a risk in various commercial or industrial settings.  Gas detectors help prevent fire and other catastrophic events by providing continuous methane gas monitoring. Applications where methane gas detectors are widely utilized include: 

Configurable Solutions for Methane Detection and Monitoring 

RC Systems is a global leader in gas detection and alarm controllers. Our configurable SenSmart gas detectors and sensors offer reliable detection of methane and combustible gases. We build each gas detector with infrared sensor technology, which is the preferred method for methane gas detection.  These long-lasting sensors detect and measure atmospheric methane levels and are compatible with a range of operating temperatures and conditions. 
We offer methane gas detectors in several models to meet a range of application requirements. Features of our single point and dual sensor methane gas detectors include: 
  • Single point gas detectors
  • Compatible with multi-gas monitoring applications 
  • Catalytic bead or open path infrared sensor technology
  • Models with or without alarm relays
  • The option of no display, CD, backlit LCD, or color backlit LCD
  • Password protected models available 
View our combustible gas brochure to compare all of the features of our methane gas monitoring solutions. All models are classified as CI 1 Div. 1 explosion-proof.

Sensors Are the Only Way to Minimize Methane Gas Exposure

Methane gas only becomes toxic to humans when it mixes with other gases. At high levels, methane replaces oxygen in the atmosphere, which can lead to asphyxiation. Symptoms leading up to this include nausea, headache, dizziness, and eventually, unconsciousness. Gas detectors significantly minimize these risks by sending an alert before atmospheric levels become dangerous.

Methane gas detectors are a critical part of preventing methane gas exposure. Installing sensors throughout your facility ensures adequate coverage and is imperative for worker safety. 
  • Methane Gas Detectors – Select from single point gas detectors or dual sensor gas detectors for continuous monitoring of atmospheric methane levels. 
  • Spare Methane Gas Sensors – Keep additional sensors on hand for quick replacements during routine maintenance. 
  • Calibration Kits and Accessories – We offer calibration kits, spare methane gas, and accessories for testing your methane gas detectors.    

We Offer Gas Detection Solutions for Any Monitoring Application

RC Systems provides configurable gas detectors for monitoring methane and other combustible gases. Select from our online options to request a quote for your methane gas detector, or contact us for assistance.