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SenSmart 6200 CAT

SenSmart 6200 CAT

SenSmart 6200 CAT

RC Systems’ state-of-the-art SenSmart 6200 CAT gas detector is built with our proven ST-44 sensor transmitter to ensure reliable results in nearly any application.
The SenSmart 6200 is a versatile, high performance, universal gas detector that features a vivid full-color display and embedded Ethernet capabilities with Webserver and Modbus TCP.
These SenSmart 6200 CAT gas detectors utilize catalytic bead sensor technology, and are CSA certified for Class 1, Division 1 locations.
Use the configurator below to request a quote on SenSmart gas detectors for your facility. Contact RC Systems to place an order or to learn more.

Features of SenSmart 6200 Gas Detectors

  • CSA certified for Class 1, Div 1 locations
  • Vivid QVGA backlit color TFT display
  • Display color changes with alarm status
  • Standard Ethernet port with Webserver and Modbus TCP
  • Sensor life indicator
  • Remote sensor mount up to 4000’
  • Non-intrusive, user-prompted calibration procedure
  • Temperature compensation
  • Option with two RS-485 Modbus Master/Slave ports available
  • 3 programmable relays and dedicated fault relay option available
  • Heated sensor elements available for low temperature applications

       SenSmart 6000 Video

6200-002584 Specifications

  • SenSmart 6200:
  • Area Classification: Division 1 Explosion Proof
  • Enclosure Type: Stainless Steel
  • Output Option: Standard 4-20mA Output and 10-0388 Dual Modbus RTU with 4 Relays
  • Gas Type: Butane
  • Sensor Type: 10-9071-1 Smart Sensor, Butane Catalytic Bead
  • Sensor Range: 0-100% LEL
  • Sensor Location: Local Mount no Splash Guard