Infrared Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors

RC Systems offers two lines of infrared (IR) carbon dioxide detectors: SenSmart gas detectors and Millenium Series gas detectors. Both lines utilize RC Systems’ advanced, innovative gas detection technology to deliver reliable results in nearly any application.

The Benefits of IR CO2 Gas Sensors in Industrial Applications

The key components of RC Systems’ infrared CO2 detectors are the light source, measurement chamber, interference filter, and IR detector. Infrared radiation is directed from the light source, through the measured gas, and into the detector. Specialized filters at the front of the gas detector prevent wavelengths other than those specific to the measured gas from passing through. Light intensity is detected and converted into a gas concentration reading.
IR CO2 detectors are a particularly advantageous option. The function of the sensor and amount of light detected is not reliant on other variables such as temperature and humidity, unlike different types of CO2 detectors.

Smart Sensor Infrared CO2 Gas Sensors

RC Systems’ Smart Sensor series of IR carbon dioxide sensors are an excellent option to provide advanced and reliable gas detection. We offer a variety of features to meet any requirement. Our Smart Sensor IR CO2 sensor display options include: Additionally, we offer CO2 IR detection with our wireless SenSmart 7400 IR CO2 Gas Detector. The sensor range varies according to your application, please contact if you need assistance selecting

Millenium Series IR CO2 Gas Sensors

Our Millenium Series of infrared carbon dioxide gas detectors features a low ownership cost and maintenance-free infrared CO2 sensor operating life. Highly resistant to poisoning and etching, the Millenium series of IR CO2 detectors are a good option for applications in rugged conditions.
Our Millenium series also contains both wired and wireless options. Display options include: To find the best carbon dioxide gas detector for your application, explore our stock of Millenium IR CO2 gas detectors:

Reliable CO2 Gas Detection for Any Industry

Since 1979, we have provided high-quality gas detectors and critical alarm controllers to many industries. Contact RC Systems today to place an order or to get more information on any of our products.