SenSmart 7900 DUAL

SenSmart 7900 DUAL

SenSmart 7900 DUAL

The battery -powered SenSmart 7900 wireless gas detector, with ultra-low power design and easy to use features, provides the most advanced, economical and reliable true wireless toxic and combustible gas detection solution. The SenSmart 7000 is compatible with all RC System’s toxic sensors, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen cyanide and many others. In addition, the SenSmart 7900 also supports the new low-power infrared sensor for hydrocarbon combustibles or carbon dioxide.


  • CSA Certified for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations 
  • D-cell lithium battery powered for up to 9 months Toxic/Oxygen and 6 months LEL operation 
  • Available for both 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz 
  • Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology 
  • Typical > 1 mile range with local dipole antenna (900Mhz) 
  • Detected gas data transmits on six second intervals 
  • Supports Single or dual sensor 
  • Graphic display shows values, units, trend graph, alarm levels 
  • Power ON / Power OFF using magnetic wand only 
  • Non-intrusive, user-prompted calibration procedure 
  • Transmits all setup information to Wireless Receiver 
  • Security settings to lock critical parameters 
  • Auto-recognition of Smart Sensors uploads calibration data and more 
  • Fault supervision circuitry detects failed sensor and transmits warning 
  • Setup in hazardous area requires only simple magnetic wand
  • Magnetic mount option available 
  • Three adjustable independent alarm levels per sensor 
  • ​5 LEDs indicate alarms and communication status

7900XAL-90-1-1019/2000P/L0-1012/50P/R1 Specifications

  • Area Classification: Division 2 Non-Incendive
  • External/Battery Powered Model: 10-30VDC Externally Powered SenSmart 7900
  • Enclosure Type: Aluminum
  • 2.4GHz or 900MHz Radio Frequency: 900MHz Radio (License Free in North America)
  • Antenna: 1000-2189 Rubber 2.5dBi Dipole (Standard)
  • Sensor 1 Gas Type: Hydrogen
  • Sensor 1 Sensor Type: 10-1019 Smart Sensor, EC Hydrogen
  • Sensor 1 Range: 0-2000ppm
  • Sensor 1 Location: Local Mount no Splash Guard
  • Sensor 2 Gas Type: Chlorine
  • Sensor 2 Sensor Type: 10-1012 Smart Sensor, EC Chlorine
  • Sensor 2 Range: 0-50ppm
  • Sensor 2 Location: Remote Mount with Splash Guard