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SenSmart 6900 DUAL

SenSmart 6900 DUAL
SenSmart 6900 DUAL
The State-of-the-art SenSmart 6000 gas detector is built with our proven ‘ST-44’ transmitter. This versatile unit has a bright, vivid color display and embedded Ethernet with Webserver and Modbus TCP. The high performance, universal gas detector supports dual smart sensors with different type like Electrochemical, Catalytic Bead, Infrared and Photoionization sensors.
  • CSA Certified for Class 1, Div 1 locations
  • Vivid QVGA Backlit Color TFT Display
  • Display Color Changes with Alarm Status
  • Standard Ethernet Port with Web Server  and Modbus TCP
  • Dual Smart Sensor Capable
  • Sensor Life Indication
  • Remote Sensor Mount up to 4000’
  • Non-intrusive One-Man Calibration
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Two RS-485 Ports for Modbus
  • 3 Programmable Relays and Fault Relay Available
  • Heated elements available for low temperature
  • SenSmart 6900:
  • Area Classification: Division 1 Explosion Proof
  • Enclosure Type: Aluminum
  • Output Option: Standard 4-20mA Output
  • Sensor 1 Gas Type: Methane
  • Sensor 1 Sensor Type: 10-9071-6 Smart Sensor, Methane Catalytic Bead
  • Sensor 1 Range: 0-100% LEL
  • Sensor 1 Location: Remote Mount with Splash Guard
  • Sensor 2 Gas Type: Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Sensor 2 Sensor Type: 10-1022 Smart Sensor, EC with Arctic Heater, 0-10/50/100/200PPM, Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Sensor 2 Range: 0-100ppm
  • Sensor 2 Location: Local Mount with Splash Guard