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SenSmart 4100 EC

SenSmart 4100 EC

SenSmart 4100 EC

The SenSmart 4000 2-Wire 4-20mA Loop Powered Gas Detector accepts electrochemical gas sensors for oxygen and toxic gas detection. SenSmart 4000s utilize our popular “GEN 2 smart sensor” proprietary technology to provide sensor recognition and temperature compensation within the SenSmart 4000. Each GEN 2 smart sensor has non-volatile memory to store, unique records of serial number, born-on date, initial calibration values, engineering units and temperature compensation algorithm.

Use the configurator below to request a quote on SenSmart gas detection systems for your facility. Contact RC Systems to place your order or to learn more.


Features & Highlights of the SenSmart 4100 EC

  • Certification for Explosion Proof Class 1 Division 1 and Non Incendive Class 1 Division 2 Safe Installations
  • Graphic display shows values, units, trend, bar graph, alarm levels
  • Non-polarized 4-20mA loop powered interface eliminates wiring errors
  • Two flashing Alarm LEDs with Programmable Alarm Levels
  • Real time clock/ calendar flags alarm and calibration events
  • Non-Intrusive, magnetic interface calibration sequence prompts the user through zero and span calibration. Span value is user programmable.
  • Power-up and post-calibration delays eliminate false alarms
  • Security settings to lock critical parameters Auto-recognition of Smart Sensors uploads calibration data and more
  • Fault supervision circuitry detects failed sensor and transmits warning
  • Setup in hazardous area requires only simple magnetic wand
  • Sensor Life indication
  • Available in non-metallic, cast aluminum or 316 stainless steel enclosures.


4100-003180 Specifications

  • SenSmart 4100 EC:
  • Area Classification: Division 2 Non-Incendive
  • Enclosure Type: Poly
  • Gas Type: Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Sensor Type: 10-1022 Smart Sensor, EC, Hydrogen Sulfide 0-10/50/100/200PPM
  • Sensor Range: 0-100ppm
  • Sensor Location: Local Mount with Built in Splash Guard for Poly Enclosure