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WaveNet Relayer

WaveNet Relayer

The WaveNet Relayer (WNR) receives Alarm Status data from wireless WCM sensors for activating up to five configurable 5 amp SPDT relays. Relays may be configured to activate based upon 3 distinct alarm levels, Comm Error/Fault and Low Battery conditions.  Add our Quick Connector option and cabling to make it easy to wire Relayers to 2/4 Alarm Bar light stack annunciators!  

  • Order WNR-90 or WNR-24 for appropriate 900MHZ or 2.4GHZ WaveNet Monitoring Systems
  • Suitable for Division 2 Hazardous Areas
  • Available options include Single or Dual, Division 2 rated local Strobe Lights
  • Quick Connector Option allows easy connection to Alarm Bars for both Ordinary and Hazardous Locations


  • WaveNet Relayer:
  • Enclosure Type: Aluminum Enclosure
  • Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz Radio (International Applications)
  • Antenna: 1000-2301 Division 1 2dBi Dipole
  • Alarm Option: No Local Alarm
  • 50 Watt Power Supply: No 50 Watt Power Supply Option