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ViewSmart 2150/2050 Dual Channel LED Alarm Controller

ViewSmart 2150/2050 Dual Channel LED Alarm Controller

ViewSmart 2150/2050 Dual Channel LED Alarm Controller

The ViewSmart 2150/2050 2-Channel Controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for two monitored variables, and includes two large and easy to read LED displays. Easy to configure and user friendly, the ViewSmart 2150/2050 can function as a critical alarm controller for toxic gases, combustible gases, vibration, tank levels and other process values.

As part of the ZoneProtector System Solution, the ViewSmart 2150/2050 may be equipped with up to two locally mounted SenSmart 1000 series detectors. A Sample Draw Pump is also available making the ZoneProtector the ideal solution for wastewater treatment plants, battery charging rooms, anallyzer shelters, parking garages, well heads and many others.

ST90DL-5-30-0-100-CB311 Specifications

  • Enclosure: ViewSmart 2050 in Compact Polyester (NEMA 4)
  • Serial Interface: 10-0253 RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Power Supply: Ext 10-30VDC or AC with 10W 24VDC (Standard)
  • Input: 10-0221/Dual - 4-20mA Input
  • Output: None
  • Discrete Alarm: 2 Standard Alarm Relays
  • Visual Alarm 1: 1000-2808 General Purpose Amber Strobe Locally Mounted
  • Visual Alarm 2: 1000-2810 General Purpose Red Strobe Locally Mounted
  • Audible Alarms: 1000-2811 General Purpose Horn (mounted seperately)
  • Alarm Bar Option: Quick Connect for Two or Four Light Alarm Bar (sold seperately)
  • Push Button: 1000-3091 Push Button Suitable for General Purpose Areas