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ViewSmart 1600 16-Channel Controller

  • ViewSmart 1600 16-Channel Controller

    ViewSmart 1600 16-Channel Controller

The ViewSmart 1600 16 Channel Alarm Controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to 16 monitored variables. The ViewSmart 1600 may function as a critical alarm controller for hazardous gases, vibration, tank levels and many other process variables.  ViewSmart 1600's come with Modbus Master/Slave RS-485 ports and 4 five amp alarm relays.  Options include wireless Modbus, discrete alarm relays and analog outputs.

ST71-003061 Specifications

  • ViewSmart 1600:
  • Enclosure: Standard Fiberglass (NEMA 4X)
  • Modbus Option: 900MHZ Single Port Wireless Modbus
  • Wireless Modbus Comm Port 1 Antenna: 1000-2189 Rubber 2.5dBi Dipole (Standard)
  • Wireless Modbus Comm Port 2 Antenna: Not Applicable for Single Wireless Modbus Comm Port Selection
  • Power Supply: 10-0172 115 / 220 VAC 24 VDC @ 150 Watts
  • Auxiliary Relay Option: 10-0144 Auxiliary Relay Board
  • I/O Option 1: None
  • I/O Option 2: None
  • I/O Option 3: Position Taken by Modbus Option
  • I/O Option 4: Pick an Expansion option to add additional Options Boards
  • I/O Option 5: Pick an Expansion option to add additional Options Boards
  • Audible Alarms: None
  • Visual Alarms Location 1: 1000-1906 General Purpose Locally Mounted 2 Light, Light Stack with Piezo
  • Visual Alarms Location 2: None
  • Alarm Bar Option: None
  • Push Button: None
  • Expansion Plate/Enclosure: No Expansion Options