Phosphine (PH3) Gas Detection

Phosphine (PH3) is a flammable, toxic and colorless gas that has garlic or rotting fish odor. PH3 gas has several uses including semiconductor manufacturing and the preparation of flame retardants. Even though phosphine has an odor, humans are typically unable to detect the gas before it reaches dangerous concentrations. Inhalation causes severe lung irritation, chest tightness, and cough in mid to moderate cases. In acute exposure cases, phosphine causes fluid accumulation in the lungs and life-threatening cardiovascular effects.

Phosphine Gas Detectors and Equipment

RC Systems Inc. offers several types of phosphine gas detectors and sensors, along with calibration equipment and accessories. Our toxic gas sensors and detectors are fully configurable and provided in single point or dual sensor options for a wide range of applications. Configure your phosphine gas detector today or contact us to learn more.