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50 Watt Power Supply in NEMA 7 Enclosure


50 Watt Power Supply in NEMA 7 Enclosure


[10-0314] Specifications

  • Gas Detectors: Yes
  • Rated Power: 50W
  • VS-1600/6400: No
  • VS-200/2050/2150/400: Yes
‚ÄčThe model 10-0314 power supply is offered as a high reliability 24 VDC power source. The 100-240VAC wide input range makes this supplies suitable for both domestic and international installations. The nominal 24 VDC output may be adjusted up to 28VDC with the front potentiometer and an LED indicator and “DC-OK” 30mA current sourcing output makes it easy to detect problems.

100-240V Wide-range input

DC-OK signal output

Parallel mode for load sharing

NEC Class 2 Listed

Full output power between -10 and +60°C