120 Watt Power Supply

120 Watt Power Supply

120 Watt Power Supply


1000-2373 Specifications

  • Gas Detectors: No
  • Rated Power: 120W
  • VS-1600/6400: No
  • VS-200/2050/2150/400: Yes

The 1000-2372 24VDC 120 Watt DIN Rail Mount Power for Division 2 locations is included in ST-90s ordered with the 120W 24VDC option. It is useful for powering additional external DC loads such as strobe lights and horns.

  • ​DC/DC Converter, isolated output
  • 24V input, 24V output

  • Efficiency up to 90,3%

  • Negligibly low input inrush current, ATEX approved

  • 20% Power reserves can be used continuously up to +45°C

  • Quick-connect spring-clamp terminals, Input-low, DC-ok relay contact