• ViewSmart 6400 Main I/O PCB

    ViewSmart 6400 Main I/O PCB

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ViewSmart 6400 Main I/O PCB


The most basic ViewSmart 6400 Controller requires only this 10-0331 Main I/O Board for interfacing to field wiring. It includes two RS-485 ports that can be independently configured either as modbus master or slave, one Ethernet port, five Standard SPDT 5A relays, consisting of one dedicated HORN and FAULT relay plus 3 programmable alarm relays, and power supply I/O terminals. The Ethernet port allows the unit to be a ModbusTCP Master and Slave and also provides access to the embedded webpage. The failsafe Fault circuit detects firmware and CPU failures along with transmitter failures. JP1 allows the RS-485 ports to be configured for 2 or 4 wire operation. A 40 pin ribbon cable connects the I/O Board to the ViewSmart 6400 CPU and Display nest assembly. Two I2C bus connectors allow addition of options such as analog I/O and discrete alarm relays for each channel. 

An optional Auxiliary Standard Relay piggyback Board (part # 10-0332) may be added to the I/O Board via ribbon cable J3. This option adds another five SPDT 5A relays that mimic the five standard relays.

An optional RS-485 Isolated piggyback Board (part # 10-0368) may be added to the I/O Board via ribbon cable J5. This option adds two additional isolated RS-485 ports for a total of four. These two additional serial ports can also be configured for either Master or Slave.

Total Price: $1,345.00 (1345/ea)
ViewSmart 6400 Main I/O PCB