ViewSmart 6400 Discrete Alarm Relay Board

The optional 10-0345 Discrete Relay Board adds sixteen 5 amp (resistive) form C relays per sixteen channel alarm board. Each BOARD may be configured via Diagnostics Menu in the ViewSmart 6400 for ALARM 1, ALARM 2, ALARM 3 or FAULT for channels 1-16, 17-32, 33-48 or 49-64. Each relay has an associated LED indicating the relay is energized when illuminated. Alarm groups may be created by connecting adjacent channels together using JP5. This creates an "OR" function with selected channels, causing any alarm included within the group to actuate ALL relays in the group.
Total Price: $898.00 (898/ea)
  • Number of Relays: 16
  • Number of Inputs: 0
ViewSmart 6400 Discrete Alarm Relay Board