• ViewSmart 6400 Bridge Input Base Board

    ViewSmart 6400 Bridge Input Base Board

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ViewSmart 6400 Bridge Input Base Board (10-0192 Not Included)

The 10-0347 12 bit Input board, along with the 10-0192 Dual modules, allows popular bridge sensors to be connected directly to the ViewSmart 6400 without additional signal conditioning or transmitters. Up to eight dual channel 10-0192 modules may be installed in each 16 channel 10-0347. Each 10-0192 channel is equipped with a bridge amplifier, balance potentiometer and an adjustable switching regulator for setting the correct sensor excitation voltage. A three position coarse gain jumper allows setting the gain of the bridge amplifier. Fault supervision circuitry forces the ViewSmart 6400 into a FAULT condition upon sensor failure or removal. This option may also be configured to accept 4-20mA inputs for mixing bridge sensors and current loops into the same 10-0347 board. Placing any channel’s 2 position Bridge/4-20mA jumper into 4-20mA position and installing the associated precision 100 ohm socketed resistor allows 4-20mA signals to be applied to its C & A terminals. The 10-0192 sensor modules are not required for channels accepting 4-20mA.
Total Price: $1,272.00 (1272/ea)