Antenna, Yagi, 900 MHZ

Antenna, Yagi, 900 MHZ

Antenna, Yagi, 900 MHZ



1000-2310 Specifications

  • Type: Antenna
  • Frequency: 900 MHz
  • Cable Length: -

The 1000-2310 900MHZ, 9 dBi Yagi, Stainless Steel Directional Antenna (coax cable not included) is ideal for increasing point to multi-point range. This antenna features a heavy-duty 1/2" stainless steel boom and solid 1/8" elements. Secure mounting is assured by a 1/8" thick plated steel mounting plate and two plated steel U-bolts. It comes with a 18" coax lead terminated with an N-Female connector (requires coax cable to convert to appropriate RP-TNC Wavenet connection)