• Horn For Div 2 Hazardous Areas

    Horn For Div 2 Hazardous Areas

Horn For Div 2 Hazardous Areas

Total Price: $1,631.00 (1631/ea)

The Horn For Div 2 Hazardous Areas is a high power explosion proof sounder. Certified for use in a wide range of temperatures from -55ºC to +70ºC, the exteriro enclosure is manufactured from GRP with a rugged thermoplastic flare providing a corrosion free and aesthetically pleasing product. Capable of producing 125dB @ 1m and with a range of pre-recorded tones, the Horn For Div 2 Hazardous Areas includes an integral volume control, which is ideal when a lower output is required.

The unit is provided with versatile control options allowing compatibility with a wide range of control methods and PLCs. The standard DC unit provides 3 tone stages, each stage has 28 tones available which can be independently selected. The unit can be controlled by reversing the polarity of the power supply (2 stage) or providing a common negative and switching between multiple positive supplies. The DB3B proves its versatility by additionally being able to work with a common positive supply and switching the negatives. The tone stages of the Horn For Div 2 Hazardous Areas can also be controlled via voltage free contacts provided by a control panel.

The flexibility of the range continues with a wide range of supply voltages. The short flare option is worthy addition to the range offering a high SPL in a compact unit.

  • Color: Red finish

  • NEMA 4x & 6, IP66 & 67

  • Integral volume control

  • Up to 115 dB output @ 10 ft

  • Certified Temperature:-67F to 158F

  • 4 wire monitored connection

  • Available in a 12-48 VDC version, and various AC versions from 110 VAC to 254 VAC. Please specify when ordering.

  • 28 output tones, user selectable