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WaveLink Receiver 32-Channel Wireless Alarm Controller

WaveLink Receiver 32-Channel Wireless Alarm Controller

The WaveLink Receiver (WLR) is the 32 Channel Receiver / Alarm Controller portion of the WaveNet wireless monitoring system. Systems may utilize numerous WaveLinks on the same wireless network when it is desirable to indicate readings and alarms at multiple locations. A Multifunction optional PCB is available to add data logging, RS-485 / Wireless Modbus slave ports and a Wi-Fi access point with web server.


         WaveLink Receiver Video
  • WaveLink Receiver:
  • Enclosure: 316 Stainless Steel (NEMA 4X)
  • Primary Radio Frequency (for WaveCast comms): 2.4GHz Radio (International Applications)
  • Primary Communications Antenna: 1000-2312 Fiberglass 9dBi Collinear
  • Multifunction Option Board (USB Data Logging, Wired/Wireless Modbus, and WiFi Comms): 2.4GHz Wireless Modbus, WiFi and USB Data Logger
  • Wireless Modbus Slave Port Antenna (Requires Multifunction Option Board with Wireless Modbus): 1000-2312 Fiberglass 9dBi Collinear
  • Power Supply: Ext 10-30VDC or AC with 10W 24VDC (Standard)
  • Audible Alarms: 1000-2811 General Purpose Horn (mounted separately)
  • Visual Alarm 1: 1000-2935 General Purpose Green Steady Locally Mounted
  • Visual Alarm 2: None
  • Alarm Bar Option: Quick Connect for Two or Four Light Alarm Bar
  • Push Button: 1000-3091 General Purpose Push Button