RC Systems has engineered and manufactured Gas Detection and Critical Alarm Controllers since 1979!  

WE SUPPLY COMPLETE WIRED & WIRELESS GAS DETECTION SYSTEMS TO END USERS AND OEM's. For over 30 years our business model was to supply gas detector and alarm controller electronics exclusively to OEM resellers under private label agreements. Upon release of our WaveNet Wireless gas detection platform in 2013 we began marketing both the wired and wireless gas detectors to end users. Our multi-point controllers are also widely used in areas such as vibration, level and wherever sophisticated alarming and HMI are important. Our Sensor Transmitters, Controllers and WaveNet Wireless products continue to provide valuable solutions for customers worldwide. 

Quality Policy: RC Systems Inc. is committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will strive for quality by continually improving our products and internal processes; with a focus towards accountability, innovation and excellence for our customers worldwide.

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